EoverD is an apparel company and purveyor of Fine Art photography prints

About Us

What's EoverD?

EoverD is simply a chord symbol used in music. Its conceptual nature, "The Look That Feels Like Music" is that of Mitchell Heydt, a musician, photographer, and artist outside of Boston, MA USA

About EoverD

EoverD is an Apparel Company and Purveyor of Fine Art Photography Prints

What "The Look That Feels Like Music" really means

Black and white imagery is one of the most difficult and challenging concepts in the world of art. To capture a conceptual image that communicates strongly, yet subtly, is, well, nearly impossible to achieve, especially on any consistent basis. Finding a print medium to execute those subtle nuances is even more difficult, challenging, and ever changing.

The images I have created are the results of a lifetime of experiences as a musician, photographer, and artist, exercising the constant experimental search for my singular voice in the universe. I feel I've found my symphony, a technique in composition unique to my vision.

Each image created is a compilation of 20 to 100 variations from an infinite number of possible outcomes. Every image is a work of art and contains a digital signature so you know it's mine.

I hope you find the images you see portrayed in yourself, so you can carry the strength and power of their energy into the life you want to live.

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